The McDowell Safety starter was used on various airplanes, but mostly on the Aeronca Chief.


Here are a few photos and some data about this option on the plane.


This photo shows the starter installed on a Chief. The ratchet assy is hooked to a cable and then to a handle in the cockpit.


This is part of my collection of parts. The handle is at the right, starter in the center and ratchet plate on the left.



The below photos are from the collection of Orlan Franks.



Here are a couple of shots of some nosebowls that I have for the McDowell starter. It is cutout to accomodate the starter assy. Its in descent shape but has some issues. The baffles have rubbed on the nosebowl and this needs to be worked with.





A second one I have. In a bit rougher shape but still worth saving. I need to strip the paint off of it to see what its like underneath.



Here is the nosebowl on my airplane. Why its been covered over is a good question. Need to start drilling rivets and find out!


Bottom shot


Believe that this is a starter ring for a flanged type crankshaft. Not sure a its difficult to see if this is a flat or dished ring from this photo.


This is the best photo I could find of the starter handle installed. If you look right below the throttle and mixture quadrant, you will see the curved handle on the laft side of the cockpit, where the pilots left knee would be.



Another photo with a different style of handle. A little better photo but not as big nor clear as I would like..