Ribs for sale

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Ribs for sale

Post by MikeB » Tue Nov 10, 2015 09:15

I'm cleaning out the shop and have for sale (4) aileron bay ribs (4) main ribs and (1 each) right and left butt ribs. Also, (1) tip rib. They are "as removed" and most have some previous repair. When I rebuilt the wings on my L16 I replaced all the ribs with the newer .032 ribs so I could attach the fabric with pop rivets instead of PK screws and these are the original .020 type ribs. I was keeping them for my present 11CC Chief project but are not needed and I told my wife this was my last project :roll: so I may as well sell them. They fit either the 7AC or 11AC series. Also, for anyone who might be interested, I have a rudder assembly that fits either the 7 or 11 series. It has some previous repair with a (legal) inside splice on the lower end and needs to have the outside trailing edge replaced. Price $200 plus shipping on the ribs and let's say $50 plus shipping on the rudder. This will help me buy a new leading edge for my Chief project and we'll all be happy :lol: . Thanks, Mike.

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