Fabric covering services

Moving airplanes, annuals, fabric work or suppliers of parts.
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Fabric covering services

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Greetings all -

after many years of dabbling in old airplanes (and homebuilts) I felt the time had come to hang out my shingle and devote all my time to keeping old airplanes flying. I have accumulated a lot of experience over the last 30 years in this field and all my friends agreed I ought to put it better use.

It has gone well so far with a lot of interest shown in this type of work, which many mechanics aren't too familiar with, fabric and tube and wood is almost unknown to many who were weaned on Cessnas, Pipers or military aircraft. Since opening up the shop last year we have been working on a a Great Lakes (Ranger powered); apart from re-covering, we also did extensive modifications such as moving the rear seat back 4" (the cockpit was very cramped) which of course opened a whole can of worms, but everything came together last week and we flew it successfully. The owner flew home a happy man. Some of the fabric we removed was 30 year old cotton!

Please visit my website and if you happen to have a project that needs a suit of new fabric, or know somebody who does, please get in touch, via the website, e-mail, forum, or just give us a call; we're always happy to discuss old airplanes. We are located in southern California at the Oceanside airport, just north of San Diego.

http://www.wingcrafters.com/ 714-931-7979

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Re: Fabric covering services

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Love to see your shop. Hours? Should I be worried about parachutes on downwind? Did they ever get gas prices back down to a dull roar? Is that tank arrival still valid?

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