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Re: Lycoming 0-145

Post by Dan1940Chief » Wed May 05, 2010 20:21

Rodney Zapf wrote:Well, that didn't take long, the only reason 2550 is the limit is because Lycoming says it is the limit--why isn't the geared engine limited to 2550? It is the same powerplant! Sure don't want to start a fight, just looking for correct answers and the reason for them-- So many of the LYC 0-145 owners complain about the HP being 10 to 15 hp less than 65, take a look at what it puts out with just a few more rrrr's. If you can, please explain to me why the 0-145 is limited to 2550. I can understand anything except the "book says so". I would like to know why the book says so then turns right around and says the G motor can turn more (rrrs are measured at the engine, not the prop) More Rrrr's might shorten the TBO a smidge, but other than that, 2550 is a very slow RPM. Rod

Well, it is "slow," but my engine is 70 years old, rebuilt in 1979.

My motorcycle will rev to 14,500 redline.

But neither is meant to run at redline consistently.

So I take the Lycoming manual as the wisdom of the guys who actually built the engine, and figure if they said 2550 is max RPM with a new engine, I should probably take heed.

Just my humble opinion, of course!

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Rodney Zapf
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Re: Lycoming 0-145

Post by Rodney Zapf » Wed May 05, 2010 21:03

Well Dan, I just talked to Henry Crowder who supplies 0-145 parts and worked for El Reno Aviation for years. He informed my that the G0-145 and the 0-145 are indeed different engines. He thinks the crank is different, the cam is different and he believes that the heads (already a weak point on the engine) would not withstand the additional RPM's. I am going to discuss this just a little farther with "Bud" from Pennsyvania (apparent GURU on the 0-145's) so for now, I have to bend and respect your thoughts on over revving the 0-145 and until I hear further, will keep the engine under "red line". Rod Zapf

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Re: Lycoming 0-145

Post by Captgrumps » Thu May 06, 2010 10:21

The gent is Henry Kraus, Jr., at El Reno Air Parts, Inc.

The complete gasket set is no longer available for the O-145, but when it was it was $760. Now you have to do it piece by piece.

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Rodney Zapf
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Re: Lycoming 0-145

Post by Rodney Zapf » Thu May 06, 2010 11:09

Thanks for the correction, I thought his last name was Crowder, but perhaps it is Kraus. At any rate, the phone number is correct. It is his home phone as he has gone independent.

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