Windshield Installation Issues

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Windshield Installation Issues

Post by n727gs » Wed Dec 18, 2013 17:40

I'm fitting a new Citabria-style windshield to my 7EC/FC. It had one before but, as I bought the project in pieces, the old one has disappeared. I ordered a new one from LP and as I tried to fit it, it appears that the top end of it does not curve enough to fair in with the greenhouse. It has a pretty abrupt angle where it attaches to the former and there is no hope of getting the fairing strip over the top of laying down anywhere near flat. I thought that if I tightened down the screws along the top, it might make the windshield curve enough but no luck. The other Champs and Citabrias I looked at have a more pronounced curve.

I'm thinking about clamping the top edge to something stout and heating the windshield to introduce a more pronounced curve. Anyone tried this? I understand the pitfalls of getting it too hot. I'd appreciate any comments or advice.

Steve near Chicago.

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Re: Windshield Installation Issues

Post by skyking3286 » Thu Dec 19, 2013 12:03

Was it trimmed correctly? Windshields don't come trimmed to fit and the problem you describe could be explained by the trimming process. Also, I see your in Chicago. Installing it in a heated environment is important. I'd contact LP and see if they have any ideas.
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Re: Windshield Installation Issues

Post by brink » Sat Nov 17, 2018 01:50

I’ve seen this before, if you have a Champ 1946 vintage, if you change the windshield, meaning you decide to not use the original type, the original Champ Windshield is more expensive than the newer Citabria style windshield, the problem lies in the boot cowl. The windshield extrusion that attaches to the boot cowl must be moved forward in order for the Citabria windshield to fit properly. My opinion not to offend, just bite the bullet and spend your hard earned dollars and stick with the original Champ windshield. Two companys make them LP and Bailey. The last one I installed required hardly no trimming at all. And really fit very well. Our local weather, and temps can crack plexiglas or Lexan if their installed too tight, your Local auto paint store has a product,comes in 12 inch strips,I call it dumb dumb,and use it to seal the window, it needs a small space to expand and contract, or it will crack. A lot of do it your selfers use silicone to seal, that’s not a good practice, and it can damage the plastic. I prefer the caulking dumb dumb strips. Very easy to use, I’ve only seen it in gray or black. It takes time to fit a windshield right, don’t rush it, and remember it needs a little room to expand and contract.

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