Windshield Installation Issues

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Windshield Installation Issues

Post by n727gs » Wed Dec 18, 2013 17:40

I'm fitting a new Citabria-style windshield to my 7EC/FC. It had one before but, as I bought the project in pieces, the old one has disappeared. I ordered a new one from LP and as I tried to fit it, it appears that the top end of it does not curve enough to fair in with the greenhouse. It has a pretty abrupt angle where it attaches to the former and there is no hope of getting the fairing strip over the top of laying down anywhere near flat. I thought that if I tightened down the screws along the top, it might make the windshield curve enough but no luck. The other Champs and Citabrias I looked at have a more pronounced curve.

I'm thinking about clamping the top edge to something stout and heating the windshield to introduce a more pronounced curve. Anyone tried this? I understand the pitfalls of getting it too hot. I'd appreciate any comments or advice.

Steve near Chicago.

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Re: Windshield Installation Issues

Post by skyking3286 » Thu Dec 19, 2013 12:03

Was it trimmed correctly? Windshields don't come trimmed to fit and the problem you describe could be explained by the trimming process. Also, I see your in Chicago. Installing it in a heated environment is important. I'd contact LP and see if they have any ideas.
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