Wing Inspection AD 2000-25-02

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Re: Wing Inspection AD 2000-25-02

Post by wesk » Sat Jun 21, 2014 19:36

I would like to point out that there were two fatal crashes in the last 15 years or so with established and well progressed compression cracks from negative G loads near the lift strut attach points. The first I believe was an 8 series before the AD but after the service bulletin. The last was a GCBC inspected Wed, and lost to several compression cracks that led to a wing separation in flight in Indiana that Friday two years ago. The IA got ticket action for signing the AD off with only the original 5 inspection plates. With that in mind there is sufficient basis for AD action and one should follow the inspection properly. Yes I agree that the real problem lies in in flight handling or mis-handling of the higher performance members of the 7 series and spreading the problem to the chiefs, sedans and bulk of champs is overkill. The same overkill that we have been seeing the last 30 years as the American legal system has deteriorated to the lowest level in our history with all common sense, honesty and acceptance of responsibility thrown out the door for monetary gain called legal bean counting.

This AD has not changed. I doubt it ever will. If you fly a stock chief or champ the AD must be complied with at recover and then any time the wing is damaged. If you fly the above 90HP group you must do it every annual. Until someone develops and list by part number the guide tubes for every rib bay in every wing both for front and rear spar inspection for every model wing we won't be seeing the flexible borescope as the answer to keeping only 5 inspection plates in each wing.

I am not a new kid on the block. I worked heavy jet for 22 years then GA for the last 24 years.

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Re: Wing Inspection AD 2000-25-02

Post by brink » Sun Nov 18, 2018 14:40

That harbor freight bore scope is the berries, it even works on my IPad my 10 year old grandson showed me how to plug it in. As an inspection tool you just can’t beat it. snap on also carries a scope, 3 or 4 versions, don’t ask how much they cost, I think the HF model I bought was about $85.00 with tax. Don’t ever drop it, easy to do if you know what I mean. The pictures are so clear, especially if you can use a little extra lite, for illumination. The areas I really take time looking at are the strut,and jury strut attach points. And the four fuselage attach points. My wings were covered in 1994: Stits, did a nice job but covered over the spar mount area with fabric, real hard to inspect! I thought that first KCAB incident was a failed strut as a result of a serious over G load. It happened I think in California. I really enjoy doing slips and spins, I recall years ago I was doing a slip and Hurd a very loud pop. I never did find anything wrong or broke, but it sure got my attention.

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