new here ,and a very important question

Everything about your Aeronca, not Chief or Champ or Sedan specific.
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new here ,and a very important question

Post by hotprops » Sun Apr 20, 2014 18:21

N85343 a very nice 7ac Champ completely redone in 2005 to almost orig. and it sat in a nice dry hangar in Ohio and only had 56 hrs since a total rotisserie job this is my 3rd champ . had to go back as i needed a real LSA . as you know they are hard to find if you look at all the paperwork and such .have been looking for about 5 years now . photos are on airliners .net 2 questions . trying to get a handheald com to work and ignition noise is very bad due to unshielded plugs .wires and mags. .

I am thinking my best gain might be replacing the p leads to the mag switch with shielded wires .thats about as far as i want to go .comments please . next i want to cherymax a ram mount for my garmin 196 to the glairshield were i cant see the top of the 13 gallon orig fuel tank . how far is it from the typical top of the glairshield to the fuel tank top? i want to be further and in back of the gauges area. thanks bill . and safe flying to all

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james gevay
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Re: new here ,and a very important question

Post by james gevay » Thu May 01, 2014 12:10

Sorry I must have missed your post last week, but welcome to this Aeronca web site.
I don't know what system you're using in your Champ, but I've been using an Icom 21 with Eisemann mags and unshielded plugs and leads and there is some noise of course but not enough to make it unreadable for me.
I can't help you out on the space between the top of the boot cowl and the fuel tank, it may 1/2" or so, but that's just a guess.

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Re: new here ,and a very important question

Post by rkittine » Thu May 01, 2014 15:43

Hi There and welcome to the group. I also have Bendix Mags and use an ICOM A24. I put .01 mfd capacitors across the magneto output and new shielded cables and have no ignition noise. I do have a ground strap on the antenna connector of the handheld as well as a good ground on the antenna.
Good Luck, Bob
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