DeRegistration of Aeroncas

Everything about your Aeronca, not Chief or Champ or Sedan specific.
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Re: DeRegistration of Aeroncas

Post by Champ Dreamer » Sun Feb 22, 2015 14:56

A fellow I knew in Texas several years ago had a Chief on a trailer ready for re-build. He Assembled it (hung a borrowed engine and prop) then photographed it, explaining that is was "stripped and ready for re-cover". They sent him an AW cert. He was convinced that if he left it in pieces, they would have rejected his request. Makes sense, it looked like an airplane.

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Re: DeRegistration of Aeroncas

Post by rkittine » Sun Feb 22, 2015 17:58

Its no wonder that people will sell log books and registration plates from aircraft still shown in the registry, but that are long gone. The whole thing is silly. Understand full inspection, which is what they did with my 7CCM when it came back across the boarder from Canada.

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