Aeroncas flown in races

Pre-War Aeroncas
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Russ Plehinger
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Aeroncas flown in races

Post by Russ Plehinger » Wed Jul 25, 2012 10:06

More than 50 Aeroncas were flown in lightplane race events at various regional air meets about the country during the 30s. Models---C-3, K, L, Chief. Does anyone have any 1930s photos of an Aeronca wearing a race number on the fuselage? Below are a few that raced.

Aeronca K
1937--H. Carl McQuigg
1938--Charles L. Hirst, Floyd K. Murphy
1939--Edward F. Gorski, Harvey Christensen

Aeronca Chief
1939--Stanley A. Frame, George C. Harrell, J.A. Peacock

Any of these names familiar? Need registrations! I will gladly provide a free copy of my book on 1920s and 1930s endurance flights for anything that anyone can render. Xeroxes are OK.

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