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I'm looking for the wiring diagram for the master switch to the mags on a 1941 65ca, Looks like the guy that wired mine hooked the P leads to the mags then the third lead goes to no where it is actually cut behind the master switch. I'm thinking it goes to the ground, frame, engine or both? From what I can see he was using the shields as the grounds I know this can not be correct, Anyone have the info I'm looking for I would appreciate it. I have searched all over the net and can not find anything on this.

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Re: magnetos

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The shielding needs to be grounded on only one end. The P lead actually does the grounding. The switch should have the selected magneto operating the engine and the other grounded.

The shielding is for radio shielding, not grounding the magnetos. Mags should be grounded to the engine, engine grounded to the airframe.

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