Checking Electrical System

Aircraft electrical systems. Generators, both engine and wind driven. Other electrical systems, wiring, fuses, lighting and so on.
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Checking Electrical System

Post by AR_Hillbilly » Tue Jun 05, 2018 13:44


I have a Sedan and think I'm in need of a new battery but not sure. Any guidance on how to check my electrical system to verify my battery is my real issue. When I bought the plane in Dec of last year it had a Gill in it then. It didn't seem to have issue during any of my pre-purchase flights or on my two day trip home, started having issue not long after I got home with it, had to keep it on the trickle charger all the time, i had a 3 year old Gill battery that came out of my old 170 (recently destroyed by a tornado) that I put in the originals place. It seemed to do the trick, was cranking much better but it was winter and it didn't take long to stop doing the trick. Started putting the trickle charger back on it until Summer time but the charge didn't seem to be lasting. It seems strange how it is acting. It will crank the airplane one time and then the next day it won't. Cranked the plane on Friday evening, Saturday morning (70+ degrees) had to put it on a charger, Started the next time on the same day, the next start on the same day dead. Had to hand prop it. Sunday morning it was dead, had to put on a charger for 20 minutes, started fine, the next start on Sunday it worked fine. Tried it today and it started the plane fine. I have checked all the connections that I can physically touch and nothing appears loose.

If a battery is required to resolve my issue any recommendations of approved batteries for the Sedan, Another Gill :cry: , Concorde (heard good things), or has anyone been successful getting a Odyssey approved?

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Re: Checking Electrical System

Post by rkittine » Wed Jun 06, 2018 06:56

A local auto mechanic should have a battery tester. I changed batteries about every three years in my Chief. Give Bill Pancake a call, I am sure that he can either tell you what battery is approved or point you in the right direction.

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Re: Checking Electrical System

Post by hangerash » Wed Jun 06, 2018 21:10


If you can locate a hydrometer each of the six cells can be checked for specific gravity. It sounds like you might have a weak cell, which means bad battery.

If you go the Concorde RGB route, be advised those batteries like a trickle or float charger connected if they are not being cycled every couple of days. They will go bad just setting I am told by one of the Concorde reps.

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