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Garmin GPS

Post by jkvincent » Sat May 24, 2008 12:13

...I'm considering buying a used 296, anyone know if there have been any improvements in the "-96" line,
ie: 296 -vs- 296, faster processor, brighter display, improved software....or what-ever?
or have they all been the same since "day-one"....except for Data Base update.

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Nathan K. Hammond
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Post by Nathan K. Hammond » Sun May 25, 2008 13:37

Hey Jim,

The 296 is still the same as when it came off the line; when they made an improvement it was upgraded to the 396, and then the 496.

The 396 is slick because of the XM, brighter screen and faster processor. The 496 is even better because of an even faster processor, airport diagrams, and the addition of Private Airports on the map. There's a new 495 that is identical to the 496 but doesn't have the XM capacity: i.e. less $$$

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Post by Captgrumps » Mon May 26, 2008 00:22

The 495 does not have the automobile and marine map source either. You have to buy the auto kit if you want it. $200+. If Garmin made one with everything the 496 has except the XM weather the market for light aircraft would be great. Fly your Champ and then use it to find your way around town. Plan on dead reckoning my car to Middletown, but will have navigator just in case if he doesn't get lost on join up.. My fuel gluping motorhome knows the way to the Cracker Barrel in Middletown, but my car hasn't made the trip before..

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