Aircraft electrical systems. Generators, both engine and wind driven. Other electrical systems, wiring, fuses, lighting and so on.
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Post by Carlton » Wed Jul 09, 2008 21:11

i am interested installing a Mode c and possibly a wingtip strobe or tail strobe. Any suggestions on what is the most economical and reliable way to go? i currently do not have electrical system.

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Alternator VS Generator

Post by Mnflyer » Wed Jul 09, 2008 23:19

Hi Carlton welcome to the forum, problay the B&C light wt alternator, would be the simplest, lightest and most cost is now STC'd will cost in the neighbor hood of $900 to $1000 when its all said and done.
A generator and voltage regulator will be $450.00 about for used and problay $800. for new & overhaulded units.

A used alternator say from a C-150 is generally around $450 + and $100 for the regulator and I don't know what the stc costs.

Check in the Aircraft electrical section theres an address for the STC holder for the B&C.
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