New Ward Air Generator, bracket, regulator For Sale

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New Ward Air Generator, bracket, regulator For Sale

Post by jepropst » Mon Jan 14, 2013 16:15

For Sale
New Ward Generator, voltage regulator, custom Champ/Chief mount and documentation. The generator nameplate is stamped PN WA-WD-12-10-1, SN W-1636. The propeller is marked WA-LA-10-1 and is marked “FAA/PMA Approved”. The generator has two terminals on the end, one marked “F” and the other marked “A”. The regulator is marked with two numbers: 1730, VR168. The regulator has four terminals: IGN, FLD, ARM, BAT. There is a 5 page document that appears to have been sent from Ward with the unit. I was told that the unit was new. I cannot verify that for certain, but the marking FAA/PMA Approved on the propeller appears to have been stamped with ink and I doubt that it would have remained had the unit been in operation. I purchased the unit from Dennis Biro in June 2009. I had originally planned to install it on my Champ but later found that I did not need a generator, so the unit has remained in the box. Bill Pancake inspected the unit and told me that the new regulator was not the same model number as the one originally shipped by Ward from the factory. The custom mounting bracket is very nicely made and is designed to mount the generator below the bracket where the two axles attach to the airframe. Again, Bill told me that the air scoop on the bottom of the wrap-around tends to block some of the airflow to the generator when mounted in this position. Bill suggested that the bracket be modified to mount the generator on the left oleo frame to be in the prop slip stream. I will sell the generator, bracket, and regulator for $300 plus actual shipping, which is what I paid Dennis for the unit in 2009.
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