Snohomish Washington Flight on YouTube with 11AC

Photos of our airplanes, hopefully Aeronca but if not so be it!
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Snohomish Washington Flight on YouTube with 11AC

Post by skyking3286 » Sun Aug 29, 2010 20:46 ... 5n00uMFZjo

This is a gum cam that you can get on eBay for about $12. It's degraded due to the YouTube and a switch from AVI to MJPG. But with a couple of rubber bands to the tiedown ring it gives a pretty neat way to record a flight. I tested it up to 100 mph and it was solid.

Takeoff, climb out of Snohomish, Washington and then back to the field with a landing on the grass runway, complete with a slip.

An example of the camera is at: ... 4aa4385ae5
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