Restoration questions

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Restoration questions

Post by ukfigs » Thu Jun 14, 2018 08:34

Finally getting back into rebuilding my Champ project and have a couple of questions:
1. Fabric tape was used in many places to hold such things as fuel lines, bowden cables etc. to the frame. Looks like older impregnated fabric electrical tape. I have found the tape online but someone told me that the tape was painted with something to stop it peeling up, what is it painted with?
2. The project was a bucket of parts so figuring out the re-assembly has been interesting (some parts are missing), other than aircraft spruce, Univair and Wag Aero is there a resource that does not charge an arm and a leg for parts ( $11 each for the rudder pedal springs :cry: )
3. The project is a 7FC converted to a 7EC, will a Citabria windshield fit? Big difference in price between the 7EC and Citabria windshield
4. What is the part number for the aluminum washers that go under the PK screws that attach the fabric to the ribs
5. Possibly looking for a used rudder as bottom of the tail post is badly corroded.

Apologize for so many questions, I have built my RV-7 but this is my first fabric aircraft project.
Dave (Figs) Figgins

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Re: Restoration questions

Post by hangerash » Fri Jun 15, 2018 05:20


Lots of good questions that I can't clearly respond to. The brain trust is assembled in Middletown for the next two days so give it a couple of days before someone can respond adequately.

The friction tape has been painted with various products from varnish to poly-tak

Wag-Aero has those fabric washers and they are steel

I and others have used rudders or can help you repair yours.

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