Cost. Having someone refabric a Champ?

Fabric and covering. Fabric, dopes, paint and everything associated with the coverings on our planes.
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Re: Cost. Having someone refabric a Champ?

Post by Doc » Thu Apr 15, 2010 05:20

Hi! We recovered a 1946 Taylorcraft BC12-D last year and are finishing up a 1946 7AC now. Time estimate is 600-800 hours, depending on the amount of metal prep at $30/hr that is $18-24K. We are starting a 1977 Taylorcraft F-19 next month that will take longer due to metal prep and parts manufactruing. The 1st Taylorcraft took 3 years due to fuselage work, engine rebuild, complete wing/spar rebuilds, and finding/making missing parts. It was covered in Poly-Fiber. The 7AC which was in pretty good shape will be completed in 10 months and is covered in the Ceconite paint now. The F-19 Taylorcraft will take 10-12 months as the engine will be overhauled by us. We plan to use Poly-Fiber. Did I mention that next week we are starting a B-17 Rudder - we will use heavy Poly-Fiber and straight tapes through silver for that museum piece. Time...?...Priceless. Best wishes. Doc
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Re: Cost. Having someone refabric a Champ?

Post by jc pacquin » Thu Apr 15, 2010 20:50

Doc, that will be one good looking airplane! Reminds me of a super decathalon I saw 3 years ago at the Fredrick, Maryland airshow. Navy Blue almost halfway up, VERY bright red stripe, maybe one inch thick, then light creme color rest of way up. Wings were creme with navy blue leading edge and the bright red stripe, but thinner. Tail was creme with Navy blue rudder with red stripe, thin outline. Show stopper! JP

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Re: Cost. Having someone refabric a Champ?

Post by Mark Julicher » Sun Apr 18, 2010 19:47

john-ranger wrote:Has anyone gotten an estimate from a reputable AP for recovering a Champ/Chief? Minus the final paint, I'm curious as to what people are charging to do this? On Barnstormers there is a fellow in Ohio that claims he will recover a Champ. He says his shop rate is $30. per hour. Sounds pretty reasonable considering the amount of work involved. I'm guessing the materials alone would run 4K or 5K.
Here is part of my log from N2241E restoration. This plane did not need new spars. We did not polish out and planish the metal parts nor take all the little dents out of the leading edges. We hired a shop to do the interior and upholstery. We did not rebuild the engine. We sent the oleos out for rebuild. There are perhaps 100 hours of time from other volunteers not logged here.
All in all, 1000 hours is a fair estimate for a quality rebuild, but not for an Oshkosh winner as was previously said.

Action / Hours

Disassemble, load & transport/ 30
Strip fuselage, disassemble, remove engine/ 11

Left Wing ready for covering/ 42
Right Wing ready for covering / 38

Tail group ready for covering / 10

Fuselage blasted and painted / 18
Fuselage repaired, assembled to ready for cover/ 96

Cover tail group thru tape and silver / 38
Cover both wings thru tape and silver / 95
Cover fuselage thru tape and silver / 55

Paint both wings thru color coats / 40
Paint empennage through color coats / 16
Paint fuselage through color coats / 35
Paint Metal Parts / 22
Wiring and avionics / 52
Hang and rig engine. / 10
Assemble fuselage, cowls, windscreen,
controls, floorboards, seats etc. / 60
Hang and rig wings / 8
676 hours
Best Regards,
Mark Julicher

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