spray paint in a can

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John Welna
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spray paint in a can

Post by John Welna » Thu Sep 19, 2013 11:26

Boys, do you know what would really be handy? I'm sure many of you have tried to find a matching color in a spray can. I'm sure some of you have had success. I'm talking about painting inspection covers or touch up on a landing gear where you don't want to get out the heavy equipment. For example, Krylon Dover White is pretty close to Polytone Glacier White. Maybe we could all generate a list of spray can paint matching factory fabric paints. The spray enamels actually seem to be pretty good paint and it is so nice to use on small metal items. What do you say we generate a matching list of paints?

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Re: spray paint in a can

Post by clipperfixer » Thu Sep 19, 2013 11:42

Not that this has much to do with a list, but when I was at the Blakesburg flyin I was talking to a guy with a Champ. It was not too bad looking, but has seen use, not restored anytime recently. Anyway the aircraft was in kind of burnt orange/brownish color. I asked him what color he used. "spray can" the fuselage looked terrible so he found some matching paint in a can and used 12 cans of paint and sprayed the whole fuselage. I don't think he knew the color or cared. Now I know that is not correct and most likely won't stay good looking for long, but it looked kind of nice. He had mad skills with a spray can for sure. I am not too sure many guys would tell you they did that, but he said he wanted to fly it before it turned into a restoration project. What the heck.....

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