1946 Chief Nav Lights???

Post-War Aeronca Chief airplanes
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1946 Chief Nav Lights???

Post by flyerdave » Mon Oct 01, 2018 10:23

1946 Chief with no electrical system, A65 Continental, hand props with no problem and my electrical system consists of a handheld radio and battery powered intercom.I would however like to be able to put some kind of strobe or nav lights on the wingtips and rudder (I believe the wire is already in there). Is there anything that is allowed by FAA to be added? I had thought that maybe a small gel cell battery that could power the lights as well as the intercom might work. I would just like to have some kind of flashing strobe so other aircraft could see me on a cloudy day or in the evening when it's not as bright and the plane is not as easy to see ( mine is white and grey and isn't as visible as some other colors). Thanks for the help.

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Re: 1946 Chief Nav Lights???

Post by rkittine » Tue Oct 02, 2018 07:48

On my 7CCM, I took the position that anything that was set up as temporary was legal, though I might not be 100 % correct. Though I did not remove everything after every flight, I could have easily done it.

So, back when Radio Shack had yet to do bust for about the 5th time. I stopped into one and purchased:
- A Aluminum Project Box
- A Plastic Project Box'
- A pack of their heavy duty plastic snap material as supplied with Easy Pass transponders, that really holds
- An assortment of switches, lights, wires and jacks including minitures and cigarette light type

From a mail order house a small strobe light with a snap in fitting and also two Bicycle type ribbed handle bar grips with holes in the end (just like many of us knew as kids)

From an online battery company, I purchased a high current 12 volt sealed gel battery as well as a 4 way charger.

From Softcom I ordered an intercom, which they rewired for me making the Stereo Jacks both PTT jacks rather than the red button on the side. (They did that for free)

RAM was my go to place for the radio holder (Hand Held Icom) as well a for my GPS and iPhone (with Flying Apps)

One afternoon at the airport I put everthing together.

Under the pilot seat the large plastic box with the battery in it and with removable velco straps.
On the side way the intercom and the aluminum box after I modified it.
In each Bike grip and Radio Shack PTT button with the wires running through the sticks under the carpet and to the intercom.
The control box allowed the light to be turned on and off, the battery to be put in line with the charger and supplied power to the intercom, handheld radio, strobe light and GPS.

The result: http://aeronca.typeclubs.org/BB3/viewto ... f=4&t=3034

Oh, well I could not add the picture or the picture of my "IFR" panel in the Champ, but if you E-mail me, I will send them to you.

As a HAM Radio Operator, I also came up with a simple antenna system incorporating a BNC Male connector on the belly allowing the addition of the Rubber Duck Antenna from the ICOM hand held radio or any of the ones from my hand held HAM radios and work almost as good as my Aviation Antenna mounted on the top of the fuselage. I did similar installations to my Chief, though I put in the Bender miniature Com and Tansponder.

Robert P. Kittine, Jr.WA2YDV
West Nyack Aviation, L.L.C.
New York, New York 631-374-9652

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