Post-War Aeronca Champ airplanes
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Post by hangerash » Fri May 08, 2015 12:36

Responding an advertisement in Barnstormers, I drove 991 miles to retrieve the wings and fuselage from what used the be CF-IRR, a 7DC number 158. All that glitters in not gold and while not perfect, the parts are in considerably better shape than a set of wings I looked at two weeks previous.

The rear spar attach fitting on the right wing has what appears to be a washer welded to it, which I presume was to address an elongated hole in the fitting. I know there is a service letter authorizing this repair to the strut attach fittings on the fuselage, but is it an acceptable repair on the spar attach fitting?

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Re: 7DC-158

Post by clipperfixer » Fri May 08, 2015 16:55

I don't think there is any Aeronca repairs for that, but I believe AC 43-13 gives repairs such as that for the repair of elongated holes. Those fittings are so cheap why not just replace it? I have seen them fleabay recently. You sound about as bad as me, I think I did about the same miles to pick up my Champ.

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