7AC Champ Jig

Post-War Aeronca Champ airplanes
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7AC Champ Jig

Post by bsafran » Mon Jun 22, 2015 23:34

I have been getting a number of email alerts that postings have been made to Facebook accounts that pertain to the Champ fuselage jig that I own in northeastern Ohio. I am elated that there is interest in using the jig to help damaged or rusted Champs to get back in the air. However, there seems to be some doubt as to where the jig is and who is now in control of the use of it. While some of the postings refer to my having it for a short period of time, in fact, I have been happy to assist in repairing 7AC's for over a decade. I have only taken on the most destitute of repairs - the hangar falling in, a tornado twisting the tail, oops, I slid sideways off the runway or the ravages of rust that eats from inside the tube out. Reluctantly, I have had to call my repairs to a halt due to settling into anticipated retirement. Bill See has an organization in central Ohio that supports Aeroncas and I have decided to let him have a go at continuing the work I have done in the past. This jig was constructed by a master mechanic with every attention made to the smallest detail. I would never have undertaken the repair work I did if not for my supreme confidence in the craftsmanship of the man who built this jig. Mr. See has asked for the opportunity to use this jig (the FAA says I should call it a "reference fixture") and I have agreed to let use of the jig pass on to others who have more time and enthusiasm to finish the work that the person who built the jig envisioned. The fixture is in the process of being dismantled and moved to Mr. See's workshop in Centerburg, OH and all inquiries about it should be addressed to him. I am available to answer questions about Champ fuselage repairs, but the bulk of the work now falls to Mr. See.

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Re: 7AC Champ Jig

Post by JoelCD » Fri Jun 26, 2015 00:16

Hey Thank you for the post. I'm in souther California so I've contacted the guy up north about bring the fuselage to him for checking.

I'll be posting the pictures as I move thru the process.


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