Wood Prop Removal

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Re: Wood Prop Removal

Post by hangerash » Sat Mar 12, 2016 04:17

Here is a link to Service Help and Hints #14 as provided by David Rude


Thanks David for sharing this.

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Re: Wood Prop Removal

Post by brink » Sun Dec 30, 2018 12:53

Old post but this is what I do. Learned this at ?American Flyers maintenance. And it works on all tapered shift cranks. First remove the nut and bolt usually AN-3 from the Jesus nut. Next get a 4 by 4 about 2 foot long, get 2 ratchet straps and go around the 4by4 and the prop hub left and right side get it as close to the center of hub as you can.and be sure that 4by4 is centered on that Jesus nut. Tighten up the straps. Loosen the Jesus nut a few turns this will put pressure on the 2 foot 4by4.Next part is fun,put on your gloves and get a 6 foot 4by4, now hit that 2 foot 4by4 right in the middle, (hard) never taken me more than two hits. HNY

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