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Another new part for Sedans

Posted: Thu Jan 23, 2014 22:23
by AV8R2
I am happy to announce the we now have new 1-3657 aileron pulleys. These are the large, rather wide, aileron pulleys that are installed as pairs, located at the bottom of the control column. These have the floor seal cover over them next to the side of the cabin wall to seal out exhaust and outside draft air.

The main problem with these pulleys that are still in service is that the groove becomes abraded from the cables passing over them over the many years. This in turn causes excessive cable wear.

The cost on these pulleys is $196.00 each. They are made to more exacting standards than the originals were back in 1947. They have an MS series bearing instead of a bronze bushing. At present, we have only 23 pair left. A number of owners have inquired about these in the past but production costs were such that they would have been almost $400.00 ea. so I never pursued adding them to the parts production. I'm certain these will last as long or longer than the originals have.

We do accept Visa and MasterCard. Shipment is by USPO Priority Mail Flat Rate (now with tracking!) which is a lot cheaper than UPS or FedEx. If you do wish to order call (907)688-3715.


Re: Another new part for Sedans

Posted: Fri Jan 24, 2014 10:05
by joea
New parts is a good thing!

Thanks for the update!

Joe A

Re: Another new part for Sedans

Posted: Fri Jan 24, 2014 16:05
by Matt

That is great news. This was the only pulley type not available to replace the old ones, during the restoration of N1331H. I'll take 2 pairs (4 pulleys).

Thanks, Matt