NEW - Unused - C-145-2 D Ignition Harness - Premium Quality

Aeronca Sedan Airplanes
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G William Bill Morrise

NEW - Unused - C-145-2 D Ignition Harness - Premium Quality

Post by G William Bill Morrise » Fri Nov 04, 2005 20:40

FOR SALE .. Aeronca "Sedan" ... Engine Ignition harness ...CHEAP. Real
cheap. $45.00, Plus you PAY to have it shipped to you, and it's yours.

NO ! Don't throw it away .... . There's someone out there who needs one
and doesn't want to pay alot to replace the RATTY one now installed. WHY?
Premium Quality ? Because .... "Skytronics" is known... for the QUALITY
product they produce For Continental (TCM) Engines..

I had paid $432.50 for it . Because an Ig'n Harness. for the engine was
installed by the O/H shop, I ended up having an extra NEW one. The one
I'm advertising here. Purchase same.... And..., you'll be getting a great
Quality Ignition Harness. Still in the Box it came in. WANT IT ? Write or call G. Wm. Morrise .... "Sedan Owner" @ E-Mail:
Tel. Ph. No. (714 898 2076 - FAX No. (714) 903 4385 or Cell (714) 815 6401. Westminster, California 92683

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