N Number change?

Aeronca Sedan Airplanes
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N Number change?

Post by CptBach » Tue Nov 29, 2005 23:51

OK Experts,

You all are the best, great info so far. Try this:

Turns out, my airplane, N1266H, was a factory demonstrator from the time it was test flown in Oct 1948 to the time it was sold in March of '49.

There was another demo airplane, N39801 (which is an odd N Number for a Sedan). Is there a way to determine the serial number of that plane or what the number was changed to when it sold?

I doubt it was my airplane originally since 1266H is a sequential number for '48 and the logbook starts with the test flight and that number.

But it begs the question: Is there a master list of all the Sedans produced? Most of the books I have with similar info stop at 1944 or so.

Thanks in advance,


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N Number change

Post by bwmatz » Wed Nov 30, 2005 22:15

Hi Rob,

I fowarded your question to retired Aeronca employee Bob Hollenbaugh. Bob said he most likely flew the demo airplane to which you are referring. He said he might have some info in his log books, which unfortunately are currently packed away since he just moved. He said he would look when he gets to that box. In the meantime, he suggested you might contact John Houser and ask him. The best way to contact John is to send him a letter with your question. His address is:

John W Houser
1615 Sunset St
Middletown, OH 45042-2862

If I hear anything from Bob, I'll pass it on to you.
Brian Matz
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S/N 11AC-1121
Based @ Barber Airport, Alliance, OH (2D1)

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