Oil cooler removal on Sedan

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Oil cooler removal on Sedan

Post by Art » Thu Jan 12, 2006 15:11

Does anyone happen to have a copy of a 337 for removing an oil cooler on a Sedan. The one we bought does not have one and I haven't been able to find one. It came out of Florida and the previous owner said he had no problem with the oil temp running warm. It certainly isn't a problem here in Wis. Thanks, Art

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Post by dusey » Thu Jan 12, 2006 15:45

yes i have a copy for my plane contact me at gottago@mtaonline.net


Legal oil cooler removal

Post by Brian » Sat Jan 14, 2006 22:19

I hope you have better luck than I am having. I have obtained copies of 4 different 337 forms approved by several different FAA inspectors for 4 different Aeronca 15ACs. Each bases their approval on a "Dispatch Message 151500Z" signed by S.M. Ross on April 15, 1958.

Unfortunately, not one of these 337s contains the text of this dispatch message. Our local manager of the FAA M.I.D.O. (manufacturing inspection district office) has a Champ and really wants to help. He had never heard of any official FAA document called a dispatch message.

He finally tracked down a retired FAA man from that era and found that prior to fax machines and emails, the FAA used Western Union to convey their urgent messages and these were called "dispatch messages" and the numbers associated with it desiginate the day and time of the dispatch.

Since we have not been able to find ANYONE who has the text of this message, the FAA's stance is that any 337 based on it would be invalid. Unless we can produce the full content of this dispatch notice or submit a complete engineering package to justify the oil cooler's removal, our FAA will not accept the oil cooler removal.

These oil coolers and their associated equipment are like hen's teeth to try and find. If the FAA mandates that the Sedans flying without oil coolers must now reinstall them, I don't know where they will find the parts.

If anyone has any information about this "Dispatch Message 151500Z" you would be doing the Sedan community a HUGE favor by getting it out to us.

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