Sedan Wing Inspection Cover Installation

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Re: Sedan Wing Inspection Cover Installation

Post by Matt » Sun Mar 03, 2013 03:12

Thanks Nathan!

Looks like this is a safe, simple and fast method. In our case the challenge might be finding a hole saw of the correct diameter for the Sedan inspection cover kit.

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Re: Sedan Wing Inspection Cover Installation

Post by pmanton » Sun Mar 03, 2013 10:00

I've installed any number of Ercoupe center section inspection openings using a large hole saw. Done carefully it works like a charm.


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Re: Sedan Wing Inspection Cover Installation

Post by joea » Mon Jun 10, 2013 14:02

Boy guys!

Just cut holes in one wing with another Sedan here in town and I have to say that Brian Safran's tool (believe Mike Hoag and JC helped make it) works like a charm! Whoever made this sure deserves drinks at Middletown 2014!

We ended up doing 5 inspection cover holes in one wing and will probably do the same in the other wing. We can now see and access any part of the wing needed for any inspection. Found some very light surface corrosion on one part but thats all. It came right off with scotchbrite and now has been treated with ACF50, so thats taken care of.

It worked very well and after we got used to doing them could make two holes in 30 minutes. The learning curve is pretty good but once you have done 1-2 of them and are comfortable with it the process is easy.

Only issue is that you have to have a good air supply. We finally hooked his small compressor up to a "piggy" (big aux air tank that acted as a reserve supply) and once we had that going all was well.

We should be finished with this one later on this week and will be sending the tool along to the next person in line. I am going to include new drill bits and so on as these are getting a bit worn and this will help the next guys in line.

Joe A

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