A sad day in the Aeronca world

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A sad day in the Aeronca world

Post by joea »

Am very sad to announce that Pat and Tony Markl, long time Aeronca folks were both killed in a car accident last night. Tony traveled around the world doing fabric work on antique airplanes with Pat tagging along and helping.

The Aeronca world is a lot sadder today for this. Lets all wish them good tailwinds and good WX at their destination.

http://www.delawareonline.com/article/2 ... ck_check=1

Please keep them in your prayers....

Joe A

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Re: A sad day in the Aeronca world

Post by pablo »

I never met Tony Markl in person, but I grief his lost. His experience and teaching in so many aspects of general aviation will be missed. I looked forward to his written articles because always there was a pearl of wisdom.
Will keep him and his wife in our prayers.


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Re: A sad day in the Aeronca world

Post by jc pacquin »

Tony was very well know at the Massey Air Museum in Massey Maryland. He lived nearby and recently repaired his Champ There. Spoke with him by phone several times and he was very helpful. Eastern Shore of Maryland has many back roads, dark with tricky intersections. I am told he was hit broadside at one of them after dark. Jim P.

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Re: A sad day in the Aeronca world

Post by Flynlow »

Sounds like those of us who didn't get to know them really missed out. I've lost quite a few people in my life in the last few years and the ones that were healthy and lost to a tragedy are always the hardest to understand. You just get a call one day and it's over.

Joe, though I didn't know them, if you speak with the family, tell them this group is all thinking of them.

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