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Posted: Thu Jan 01, 2015 08:58
by rkittine
To The Site Administrators,

I have been contacted by a number of people this year regarding their inability to register for the forum. Can someone post instructions on what new interested parties need to do.

I understand that due to Spam and other attempted intrusions, many sites have discontinued their normal on site registration tab. On the SeaplaneForum site, the owner has posted an e-mail address where new visitors can E-mail a Username and Initial Password and the site owner upon verification that it is a real person, will register that person.

Something like this would for sure help.

Also, where do we stand on renewal and bring back the newsletter, patch, etc.?

Thanks and a Happy, Safe, Healthy and Properous New Year and all the best for 2015.



Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2015 11:05
by hangerash
An email to JOE (AT SIGN) JOEA (DOT) COM

You could also put a request on Facebook with Joe Abrahamson