has something happened I missed?

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has something happened I missed?

Post by sevenacjack »

The last post I see on NAABB was on Oct 7th 2015, "Has something happened I missed?" Jack

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Re: has something happened I missed?

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Post something good so that people have something to reply too! 8) Looks like plenty of views, just little activity. :cry:

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Re: has something happened I missed?

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Re: has something happened I missed?

Post by Richard Murray »

As someone previously noted in another thread "the vortex that is Facebook" has overtaken legacy of this forum.

I too have looked daily for unread posts only to have a blank screen appear. I was actively participating on Facebook until I went cold turkey on 20 August. Its amazing how more productive you become with less distraction.

Now days away from finishing repairs on my 7CCM-CONV Champ, I will probably rejoin the daily Facebook discussions when it is flying again.

This forum is still a daily stop when I sit down at the computer, and has been for the past three years.

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Re: has something happened I missed?

Post by james gevay »

"The vortex that is Facebook", boy ain't that the truth!
It's easy and fast to post photos and text on facebook and it gets about 5 minutes of attention until someone else posts, and then it's pretty much forgotten.
Too bad you can't post photos here anymore unless you go through someplace like Photobucket first. For some people that doesn't work for them.
Lots of technical knowledge here in the past posts but almost nothing now.

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Re: has something happened I missed?

Post by MikeB »

Like most of those of us who were regular 'contributors' I miss this site although I still check it on occasion. Face Book is OK and easy to post pictures, etc. but no way that I know of to store for a quick reference at some future time. Besides we almost had a regular community here of posting friends with the same agenda of good useful information. Although I have the Aeronca site bookmarked on FB I have to sort through posting from various friends, church business, etc. every morning when I usually check my FB account.
Mike Berg

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