C-85 case for sale

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Jim McCartney
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C-85 case for sale

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Gentlemen, I have a C-85 case for sale with 42 hours on it since it was inspected and returned to service from Divco. I have the Divco invoice showing the engine serial number and Divco stamp on the spine of the case. You might wonder why this case is for sale with such low time on it. The FAA got involved with my Champ when I wanted the correct manufacturing date shown on their website, they showed it as a 1956. I had a copy of the original bill of sale showing it left the factory on 1AUG46. I took this to the local FSDO the initiate the change. They said they had to inspect the aircraft and the logbooks before the change could be made. I had removed the original engine data plate because the only thing left on it was the stamp showing the venturi size and the serial number. I installed a fancy one that I acquired from EBAY and had all the required info stamped on it. The FAA wouldn`t allow it because it wasn`t original. In the meantime, years had passed and I had misplaced the original and couldn`t locate it. They said the replacement would not be allowed. I had to purchase another case and completely tear down a perfectly good engine with 42 hours on it. Well, as fate would have it, I found the original data plate after the new engine was installed. This data plate and the Divco invoice will be included with the sale. There are no logbooks......I would like $1500 for the case. I paid $1850 for its replacement, plus shipping. I suppose I will negotiate the price..... Thank you for your consideration. Jim McCartney jayneandjim@gmail.com

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Richard Murray
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Re: C-85 case for sale

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There's a lesson here for sure Jim. I have a similar issue and after learning of your nightmare I am content to let sleeping giants rest or whatever that saying is.
The ironic part of this whole saga is you were trying to do the right thing. If you spend ten minutes researching Aeronca models on the FAA website you can find at least one error that is blatantly obvious and no one at OKC seems to care. But if you file an application for registration and put your first name first its back in your lap in 60 days.

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