Continental 0170 A-65-8 Engine Compression Test

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Continental 0170 A-65-8 Engine Compression Test

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Evening all!

I taking a look at an L3 for sale near me, and will be completing an engine compression test on it. I have looked in the engine service manual and was not able to find what the go / no-go engine compression is. I have also searched this board as well.

I only typically know that anything over 70 is good, but what is the official minimum acceptable compression when conducting a compression test. I know there are factor involved like altitude, and temparture. However assuming an appropriately warmed engine was is a good rule of thumb for the no-go number?

Thanks Brian!
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Re: Continental 0170 A-65-8 Engine Compression Test

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Minimum I use is 60psi. I will use the compression check to track a trend on a decaying cylinder. I won't condemn the cylinder for a single low reading, I watch it over time to see the decaying trend.

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