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All about Aeroncas on floats
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Greetings all. I recently acquired a 7DC out of need for something to pair with a set of PK1500's I came across earlier in the year. I helped a friend of mine set his 7DC up on 1500's in 2016 and the airplane turned out to be more fun than we could have ever expected. Between the two of us we put 120 hours on his rig the first season. So now we figure the formula is 2X the Champs on floats, 2X the fun. Plan is to have both together at the lake this summer for some local adventures.

I thought I would post here with hopes of getting to know some of the water Champ owners out there for info and idea exchange. As of now, between shoveling & plowing snow, I am working away at getting the second set of 1500's inspected, cleaned up and ready for service. So far; All steel parts removed, blasted, inspected and sent for new cad. Pulled the spreader bars and clamps, cleaned, inspected, alodined and repainted. Struts are next. Fabricated new covers and installed lake and air pump outs. Currently into cleaning up the floats. Hope to be squared away by the time ice is out.

Anyone else out there running 1500's? Any and all networking regarding Champs on floats much appreciated and kindly welcomed.

Benjamin Redman
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Hey Benjamin, Welcome to the Forum. I had my 7CCM on EDO 1400s and than with the STC on 1320s, which turned out to be a super combination, but I had the best overall performance with 1400s on my Chief with the Don's Dream machine engine. is coming back on line and there are many Aeronca seaplane guys there. I now have a Sedan on EDO 2000s.

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