Goodyear brake Puck Limits

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Goodyear brake Puck Limits

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Does anyone have any info on wear limits fro the Goodyear brake pucks that are installed on a Champ (sometimes). I have found some conflicting info and various different part numbers. One manual says to replace if below .160", another shows the nominal as .125". They all show different PNs for the inner and outer (piston and anvil). If anyone has the definitive answer could you post. Also, if you have any spares could you make some physical measurement of the dimensions?

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Re: Goodyear brake Puck Limits

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.016 is the figure that Joe Dickey's newsletter posted and if the smaller puck gets there first, just put the bigger puck in that place (provided its worn down to the smaller puck new thickness) and replace the bigger one. New dimensions: Small fixed puck is .250 and the moveable is .375. Both are 1.250 diameter.
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