Mounting a set of domed hub caps,

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Mounting a set of domed hub caps,

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Have a set of domed hub caps that I would like to mount if possible. My pre-war wheels have the 3 screw holes on the rim but the hub cap only has one
1/4" hole in the the center of the dome hub cap and no 3 holes on the rim which would have to be on a curved surface. Was there a bearing on the end of a tube sleeve that mounted with a cotter pin thru the sleeve and the axle with a 1/4" bolt on the end. Gordy Westphal Rochester, Mn
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Re: Mounting a set of domed hub caps,

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It sounds like you have Cleveland or Goodyear wheels. The Cleveland will have three holes just O/B of the bearing that a dust cap secures to. There will
be a 10/24 hole to secure the hub cap. If Goodyear, the only hub caps would be the stock hubcaps and they are not embossed.

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