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Anything pertaining to the new Light Sport Pilots license, or other licensing.
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Sport license

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Just a "take off" on John's post here, regarding the sport license. I've been thinking about dropping down to a sport license for somewhat the same reason (I'm 66 today, in fact). I have no medical problems and always pass the third class just fine. However, I do get a physical every year. I'm thinking the Cherokee will be going in a week or two and I'll just be keeping the Champ and maybe buying something else to build or rebuild (I'm more of a "tinkerer" than a flyer anyway). My understanding regarding the sport pilot license is how the insurance companies will view us (risk/rates) no longer having a third class medical. Food for thought anyway.
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Jerry Eichenberger
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sport license

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Mike -

Some insurance companies are into writing sport pilots without medicals, while others are sitting on the sidelines for now, waiting to see what the loss history is going to be.

I'm operating as a sport pilot (lapsed medical), and have no problem getting my Champ insured for instruction and rental use at our FBO, for piltos who don't have medicals.

That's unusual, but frankly, we know the insurance company pretty well, and my wife is the broker.

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Paul Agaliotis
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The only problem we are having at Red Sky Aviation is our insurance will cover a current pilot acting as a Sport Pilot, but will not allow a STUDENT pilot to solo the aircraft. A bit of a Catch-22. Paul
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