Champ/Chief nose tank fuel valve discrepency

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Champ/Chief nose tank fuel valve discrepency

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This is urgent!

It looks like I am going to need some feedback; the more the better......

I seems that there is an error in the original data (drawing) on the thread size that is in the nose tank outlet fitting.

According to the drawing, the 1-2403 valve, in that location, is 1/2" tube with compression nut on the valve outlet and
3/8" male pipe thread with the screen soldered into the end.

According to 3 different owners now that thread is 1/4" pipe, not 3/8". Which is correct? I am beginning to suspect an error in the drawing.

Please contact me by email (please not on the forum) at and let me know which male pipe size you have on your aircraft going into the nose tank; 1/4" pipe or 3/8" pipe. Production is being held until I can find out for sure which is correct.

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