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Another 7AC getting restored

Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2018 17:04
by brink
I’ve posted on several subjects and was surprised to see nothing on Restoration! N-83279 SN 1943 is getting a new cover on the fuselage the elevators and rudder. Stits Polyfibre D-103 ordered envelopes, had never used Envelopes, so I thought I would try it. All the ordered envelopes worked well except the left elevator, really a waste of money, due to the trim tab Bay. Luckily the envelope was way to large so I just cut it apart and applied the blanket method, plenty of fabric for that, but about $25.00 cheaper using the blanket method. Compaired to the envelope for $48.00 from Spruce. Also going to hydraulic brakes and a C-75-12 off an Ercoupe. Plane went to a museum so they removed the engine to hang the plane from the ceiling,Low time according to the logs,but the proof is in the pudding, yet to see the results on that one. This plane was a stored project in a container,and had been their for about 30+ years. Also another snafu the owners didn’t bother to register it, for about that length of time, interesting experience that was FAA has no sense of humor over stuff like that. They were not smiling! But our efforts were successful and we got our registration stuff all straighten out. Not really going crazy on this overhaul otherwise not throughing a lot of money at her,just building a Champ, and having fun! And doing all the upgrades, still using drum brakes got them off a wrecked CAP L-17 Cleveland brakes. Entire system fits in the boot cowl, which is new, all the wood is new and applied Prackietone to the interior fuselage framing. Lots of work to do,but I hope it will be done in or around 2020.