Snow at last!

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Red(neck) Barron
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Snow at last!

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It's been a long time getting here but Saturday I popped the ski plane cherry with my Champ.

Here's the link to my bucket. ... 1674289929


Now the weather guessers are tempting me with a reload of snow coming tomorrow and Tuesday so by around Thursday I should get to do it all over again. Living the dream in Paradise. Sure feel for you Southern folks.
Larry H
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Re: Snow at last!

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Good for you! I got skis this year, cleaned them up and started rigging them and never got enough snow, when I was available to fly. Will be doing something earlier next year though.

You might want to pop on Many of the float guys there are so used to sliding around on the water, they go to skis as soon as the first sign of snow, especially the group from upstate New York.

You will find lots of Champs and Cubs on that site on skis.

Have fun - Bob
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Re: Snow at last!

Post by MikeB »

The good news :D I have a pair of Federal 1850's for my Champ/L16,
The bad news :( I'm in Texas and the plane and skis are in Wisconsin where there is a giant snow storm expected tonight.

On the other hand, I remember how much work it takes to get the Good Year brakes off and skis on ....not to mention the four foot drift that usually blows up in front of my hangar so maybe things aren't that bad :? .

badger bob
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Re: Snow at last!

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way to go Larry. last friday my son flew the champ to Boone and then rented there champ on skis. he had a ball. have fun Bob
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