AMOC for Spar Inspection

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Re: AMOC for Spar Inspection

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A question for the AMOC people.

Have advised my FSDO that I am using the AMOC and no hassles there.

Any suggestions on where to put the inspection cover holes? Am planning on putting 4-5 holes "where best needed" and using a borescope or going "cross rib" to inspect the inside of the wings.


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Re: AMOC for Spar Inspection

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I went with 3/4 inch holes and put them where the drawings showed them putting the big holes. I could have used smaller holes, the scope will fit in through about a 3/8, but it was easier to maneuver through the slightly larger hole and there were several sources for plastic snap in covers in almost any dimensional size. I got a bag of 25 from a guy on Ebay, but when I opened the box, the bag says Grainger on it.


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Re: AMOC for Spar Inspection

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