Sedan Shoulder Harnesses Revisited

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Sedan Shoulder Harnesses Revisited

Post by Dbeck »

Hello group,

It's been over a year since we added our 'new' Sedan to the barn and slowly making all the desired improvements.

Embarrassingly, I haven't yet added the most important of all: shoulder harnesses.

I have purchased Burl's attach points but am scratching my head at the best belt system to use and how to deal with the headliner, which is very nice and I don't want to botch this.

I am soliciting opinions from the group, hopefully with install PHOTOS attached regarding their installations and belt preferences.

I know inertial reels are all the rage but I'm not sure I would need/like them in the Sedan. We wear them at work on the jet and most usually pop them off right after the 'gear up' call. Since the Sedan doesn't have a flap handle or anything to grab on the floor, I'd be more inclined to just cinch them up for t/o and landing and wear loose in cruise. Maybe I'd like them though - again I want to hear your opinions.

Anyway, I hope to spark a good discussion about this important topic. Please include PHOTOS if able (if not able, send me a message and I'll upload them to my website so they appear here for everyone's benefit.)

Best Regards,

Doug Beck
Minneapolis, MN
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Re: Sedan Shoulder Harnesses Revisited

Post by Matt »

Hi Doug

I am glad, you bring this up, since I hesitate to cut the intact headliner on my Sedan, too. At the same time, I would really like to have shoulder harnesses. The photo in the below link might give you an idea for a totally different solution. If a diagonal belt is good enough for you, an inertia reel mounted to this spot would help to keep the cabin tidy, when the harness is not in use. Even if it's one of the smaller diameter tubes in the Sedan, it would still offer a safety gain, compared to just a lap belt. ... 5h-05.html

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Re: Sedan Shoulder Harnesses Revisited

Post by joea »

Good ideas guys as I am in the same boat! I have the attachments from Burl but boy mine are going to require some work to get a inertial reel attached onto them, and like you guys am not excited about cutting holes in the headliner either.

Doug, I fly for a living and we do the same thing. About the "18,000 foot check" the shoulder harness and "sub" belts come off for the duration of the flight and only clicked back on in the "approach" checklist...

Joe A
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