vaccum/pitot/static system

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vaccum/pitot/static system

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I am installing the pitot and static lines on the jury struts. One of the tubes has a disc on it with several holes. Is that the pitot head for the airspeed indicator? If it is, I assume the other is the static for the altimeter and airspeed.

I have the static line running from the altimeter to the airspeed to the outside. The pitot side comes off the airspeed indicator only. Is this correct?

After 21 years, it is starting to come together.

Thanks, Dennis
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Re: vaccum/pitot/static system

Post by flyingfool »

You I think kind of have this question in the wrong area. This is for fuel system stuff. I would think this question may best be posted under the restoration or just the general area as I think it applies to both champs and chiefs.

I thought the doughnut on the pitot/static system was for adjusting the accuracy of the airspeed indicator.

For what it is worth, my altimeter does not connect to the static system. It simply is open air behind the instrument panel. I do not even see a static line for the altimeter to connect to. The altimeter seems to work just fine and is accurate as best as I can determine. Keeps it simple and I don't have to worry about mud daubers plugging up and making the altimeter useless.

I may I suppose mess with adjusting the airspeed as in cruise it shows closer to 90 when the GPS says that is a little fast in averaging the speed by flying a square pattern.
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