2" Gascolator gaskets?

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2" Gascolator gaskets?

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I just replaced the 1550 Curtis Valve on the original glass tube gascolator which uses a 2" gasket. There are plenty of 2 and an eighth gaskets, but
I can't seem to find a 2" gasket. I have a white one that is doing the job but it's getting old. 2" OD and 1.25 inner OD with about 3/32 thickness.
Any sources out there? Other than a run of 500 of them through anyone of a dozen gasket makers!

BTW, getting the old valve off involved a propane torch and a lot of soaking. The thread is on the fAA list....
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Re: 2" Gascolator gaskets?

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The last set a got was from Tractor Supply. It has the gaskets and screen.
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