20th Biennial Convention

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20th Biennial Convention

Post by hangerash »

The 20th NAA Convention is set for 18 to 20 June 2020!
As President, I’m pleased to invite everyone to the Aeronca event of the year. Come see the finest assembly of Aeronca’s on earth! Visit the plant-site where almost every Aeronca was made since 1940. Tour the current factory, now part of Magellan Aerospace. We hope to have several Models there, C2/3, Low Wing, Pre-Wars, Tandems and of course, Champs, Chiefs and Sedans. Some will be pristine and some will look like a flying Aeronca should. All are cherished and welcomed.

Clear your calendars and put in your vacation requests at work. The event will go from Thursday, the 18th, through the evening of Saturday, the 20th. And, of course, Sunday is the spectacle of everyone flying out. This is for current owners, former owners, people that want to be owners, or anyone that likes to be around old planes and good people. If you are waiting to attend Middletown until after you finish your restoration, don’t wait! If you’re on the West Coast and you’re waiting to retire, so you can fly in, don’t wait. The info you get and the contacts you make will accelerate any project. The flights into Dayton or Cincinnati are pretty reasonable.

If you are embarrassed because you need to fly in with a metal airplane (or even a cub), don’t worry. We have a nice parking area away from the Aeronca’s so you can sneak in without too much ridicule.

This will be the 20th Convention! We are working to make this a very special event. But, the experience is not what we do, it’s what all the people and planes who attend, bring with them. Bring your questions/needs and go home with answers, info and a bunch of new friends. More details will be forth coming.

I hope to see you at Middletown 2020!

Craig MacVeigh
President, National Aeronca Association

Paul Agaliotis
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Re: 20th Biennial Convention

Post by Paul Agaliotis »

Planning on flying out this June. Anyone wanting to come along and go as a group let me know and we can start planning a route.

Mailing Adress : Paul Agaliotis 2060 E. San Martin, San Martin,Calif. 95046

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