Oleo fluid

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Ric Petit
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Oleo fluid

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What are you all using for your Oleo fluid,I am currently enjoying a work in progress Chief I aquired a few months ago,I have a total of 1 hour flying time(circling the airport to seat the rings) and would like to service the oleo struts before I take flight again.

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I use motorcycle fork oil, it comes in different weights. I use a light weight for standard (hard surface) use. It also has anti corrosion properties and anti-foam agents. The mil-spec 5606 hydraulic oil is a bit thin for my usage. I belive the original oil was called Teleo oil, its listed in the service manual. Paul Agaliotis


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As above, Mil. 5606 is a little too thin, I use AW32 Hyd Oil.

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I read someplace to use a 10 weight motor oil.
I've just been using 5w30 motor oil. The same oil I put my car. Works great.
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Tim Juhl
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Oleo oil

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Geez! I've always used hydraulic fluid. That's what they (used to) come filled with from SAR. I would think the fluid shouldn't be too thick. Does anybody have the original specs for Teleo oil that was used from the factory?

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