sick little boy

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sick little boy

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Got a sick little four-year-old who is facinated and fixated on my Jane's Encyclopidia. He just stares for hours at a Champion (Bellanca) Super Decathlon painted lime green. Anybody know where I could find a plastic model of same? Have gone on the Revel web an had no luck. Would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.

Sick Boy

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This the Aeronca Club! Does the little guy want a ride? There are over 200 passionate Aeronca owners/fans affiliated with this website. We will do all we can to accomodate getting a model - but how about a visit to the airport where he can touch the real thing? Where are you located so we can see if one of our member can provide a ride? Please post a reply so that anyone close by can help you out.
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I have been in touch with this poster. They are located in the Baltimore area and flies with the poster in their Tri-Pacer based out of OFP, Hanover County near Richmond VA.

Anyone with an Aeronca in the area interested in giving a ride?

Joe A

Champ ride

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Please call me I live in VA and have a 7AC....It is not green but it is very pretty.
Lloyd Perkins
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