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Tires for Chief

Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 11:48
by PurpleHonker
Does anyone out there have a 337 for a field approval 337 for 6-ply tires. I'm restoring 3703E but the airworthiness certificate was lost before I acquired it so I'm having to undergo (endure!!) a "conformity inspection". If you ever have that opportunity, DON'T!! Anyway, the TCDS specifically approves 6:00 2- and 4- ply . I didn't read it close enough and bought a pair of Condor 6-ply new recaps which the FAA inspector has rejected. I'm working with a DAR & if we can get our hands on a field approved 337 we'll apply for our own field approval. Otherwise I'll be stuck with 2 new tires that I have absolutely no use for.
Cliff Goldman