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Landing gear struts

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 10:39
by brink
I bought a project, and I am in the process of installing the aluminum fairings on my landing gear struts. My question is are the low bounce struts a little different from the regular struts? The support rod may have been replaced, but it really looks original, to make a long story short, my left strut,the fairing does not fit, but my right fairing fits just like it should. The strut support rod on my left strut attaches 2 inches lower than my support rod on my right strut. I have an extra set of struts, left and right,and they are the same, my spare set also look original. Has anyone noticed this, low bounce compaired to regular? My gear is the regular type not the low bounce. Now I plan on covering them in Polyfibre. HNY